Object Lessons in Cambridge

This year Cambridge’s Early Modern French Seminar, convened by Jess Goodman and Tim Chesters, is inspired by objects held in the Fitzwilliam Museum. As described on the CEMFS website: “Each talk takes as its starting point an artefact held in the museum, ranging from cabinets to paintings to duelling pistols. Our exciting line-up covers the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and includes specialists in literature and art history, as well as representatives from the Fitzwilliam itself.” It sounds like a lovely idea for a seminar series and I’m only sorry I can’t attend them all, but I am delighted to be contributing one of the talks.
For more information about the talks and speakers, along with links to the objects in the Fitzwilliam that will be the focus of each talk visit: www.cemfs.org.uk/termcard.


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